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Outside the Square Fiction Workshop
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Outside the Square Fiction Workshop
Outside the Square Fiction Workshop

Are You Ready To Take Action And Begin Your Writing Career?

What If I Said Your Investment Was Less than $30?

From: Cheryl Wright

Get out of your writing slump!

Dear Frustrated Fiction Writer,

I once sat where you are now - struggling to write saleable fiction.

Classes, books, courses - I did it all. Literally thousands of dollars later, I still wasn't published. It felt as though I was on an invisible roller-coaster, with more downs than ups.

I was told it takes time - the apprenticeship for writers is around the ten year mark, they said. I don't know about you, but I wasn't prepared to wait ten years to get published!

A little over six years ago I was unpublished. I'd submitted my work all over the place, but had no takers.

I wrote nice little stories; friends who read them loved them, my mother loved them, and I loved them. So why didn't editors love them?

Because they were boring.

My characters were pretty ordinary, and so were my storylines. I didn't understand things like conflict and motivation. I had no idea these were two totally different concepts, and without them, there was no story.

I thought all storylines had to be similar; I had no idea editors wanted unusual or unique stories. And what about titles? What's the story there, I wondered.

The Cheryl Wright Story
- Who I am, and How I Got to This Point

One day, a little over six years ago, I wrote the story that changed my life - and also my mindset.

That one story - the story that earned more than $500 for less than 4,000 words - showed me that writing by the rules does not pay off. That what I should have been doing was understanding concepts rather than following rules.

By the time this revelation hit me, I'd already wasted more than six years.

Six years!

My break-out story was published in the 'preview edition' of the now defunct Arabella magazine. The publication was world-wide, and being hailed as one of the best magazines in the world to get published in. And my highly unusual, break-all-the-rules story was in the preview edition. Major achievement, everyone said.


Suddenly, after reading my story, writers from all around the world were contacting me.

My story was so out-of-the-box, and so not written by the rules that everyone wanted to know how I pulled it off.

I had absolutely no idea.

When I sat down and thought about it I realised I'd been trying to force my brain to write in a particular way; I was literally forcing myself to write to other people's expectations instead of writing the way I needed to write!

Once that sunk in, and I understood those much-needed concepts I talked about before, my writing career took off.

I began submitting to magazines all over the world, and began entering contests. Within a period of less than twelve months, I'd won or placed in six out of eight contests, and my work was being published regularly. Still is. (You can check out my awards here)

Previously my work was rejected all over the place. The truth of the matter is I haven't had a rejection in over three years!

You'll Benefit from The Insights of a
Highly Sought-After Editor

Not only can I give you the insights as a multi-published and award-winning writer, but also as an editor.

Over the past couple of years, I've been working with and for publishers. At the time of writing this page, I am an acquisitions editor for a well-known publisher, not only acquiring fiction, but helping authors mould their stories into a publishable piece of fiction.

Dozens of authors are now published because of the insights I've offered them.

A ‘must-have’ for
every writer!

There is not one writer out there who would not benefit greatly from this book and be hugely grateful for the tips Cheryl provides.

- Sarah Cook, Author of Australian Fiction

I'm Sick of Waiting,
Sick of the Frustrations!
What About YOU?

Being a writer is frustrating. Everywhere you turn someone is telling you to wait. Friends want you to wait longer to submit; editors want you to wait for a response, publishing companies want you to wait to be paid.

Waiting sucks! I hate waiting! It frustrates the heck out of me. Why does everyone want me to wait????????

I'm willing to bet you're sick of waiting too. Why wait even longer to get published? You can download this book today and get started immediately. The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin to put your new-found knowledge into practice.

What's Your Preferred Method?

I spent more than eight years working for an international corporation, teaching people how to do their jobs more effectively.

Working as a trainer, I know people learn in different ways.

You might learn better by reading, or maybe your deal is 'doing'. Because I know everyone learns in their own way, I've written my book to accommodate each of these areas.

I've devised a variety of exercises for each section, and suggest you work your way through the book using them.

Outside the Square Fiction Workshops consists of 17 Chapters, and each one will give you an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Here is just a small sampling of what you'll discover:

  • The six question 'hit and run' method I use to add suspense and interest to the story's opening, and give it more power.

  • The secret method I use to create compelling characters. You'll never have problems creating characters again.

  • The little-known trick that's guaranteed to make your story a page-turner. It's deceptively easy, yet most writers don't do this.

  • The secret ingredient that ties your reader to your characters. You'll be surprised how easy this is, but again, many writers are not doing this.

Thanks to Cheryl, I've done
a whole 'about-turn' in
my writing.

Suddenly, things seem to be sliding into place.

...this workshop was like a one on one mentorship. What I have learned has turned my writing around. It suddenly opened up a whole new way of thinking about my writing.

Susan Davis, Michigan, USA

Because I want you to get the most benefit possible from this book, I'm also throwing in a limited time bonus. When you purchase Outside the Square Fiction Workshop today, I'll also give you a copy of my highly popular and super-focused guide to writing short stories, as well as the marketing listing that is shown on the page.

This is not a useless gift, but a book that sells on an almost daily basis. It currently sells from this website for US$12-95, and is one of my top-sellers, being not far behind Outside the Square Fiction Workshop.

I am also going to gift you a copy of my never-before-released character chart. This chart is not available elsewhere; it's only available with your purchase today.

The combined value of these bonuses is over $20, so don't miss out - I don't know how long this will last!

Your Money-Back Guarantee

You have ONE FULL YEAR to try the book. If after that time you decide it didn't help your writing, you can get a fast refund.

*At the time of writing, not one refund has ever been requested.

Need more information? Read the table of contents

Download a sample (in pdf)

Most aspiring writers don't do the one thing that will move their writing career ahead - take action. Because you have read this far, I know you're serious.

Take one last moment to think about where you are today, and where you want to be in a few months time. If you don't get the help you need, how will you achieve your writing aspirations?

Order today, and get your writing career moving
in the right direction - forward!

All the best,

P.S. Don’t forget — you only have a limited time to order. If you delay, you may never have another chance to discover these amazing writing secrets.

P.P.S. Don't forget your bonuses - with a combined value of over $20! I'm throwing in a never-before-released character chart, and my super-focused guide to writing publishable short stories. But they're only guaranteed available to you if you order now.

P.P.P.S. Here's what Dianne Parham, Senior Editor of The Renderosity Interactive Magazine had to say about Outside the Square Fiction Workshop:

The advice is practical and provided in an easy to understand, enjoyable manner. I think just about anyone, experienced or novice, could learn something new from Cheryl. I know I did.

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