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The Writer's Guide to Time Management: How to Boost Your Productivity and Earn More!
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The Writer's Guide to Time Management: How to Boost Your Productivity and Earn More!
The Writer's Guide to Time Management: How to Boost Your Productivity and Earn More!



Would You Like Twenty or More Hours Of Extra Time Each Month  - Allowing Your Writing Business To
Grow At A Pace You Never Thought Possible?


Want To Be Supercharged With Productivity?


Would you like to save loads of your valuable time so you can do more of the things you want to do, or need to do?

Do you want to
make more money with less time invested in your business?

I'm sure these are of interest to you and I'm going to share how you can make both of these a reality.

If you're stressed out because you're either not making enough money from your writing business, or don't have enough time in your work day, you need to read this letter.


From: Cheryl Wright


Dear Stressed-Out Writer,


Out of all the things you need to know and learn to run your writing business effectively (whether you write fiction or non-fiction, for business or magazines, write content or screenplays, or some other form of writing), time management is probably the one that defeats most people.

For as long as I can remember, Iíve been super organized.  So organized in fact, that my work colleagues always came to me for help.

All that changed when I began working from home.

There are always a myriad of interruptions, clients who need work done yesterday, and of course, the phone calls from family.

And we canít forget answering emails or surfing the net.

If this sounds like you, then youíre not alone.  The majority of home based businesses face the same issues, the same distractions, and the same lack of organization.


Cheryl Wright has written a valuable resource on time management that explains how to do it in simples terms backed up with practical examples.  I found that the techniques explained in the book helped to define what I was trying to achieve with my writing.  Time is a precious resource that a writer cannot afford to waste.

 Following the steps set out in Cheryl's book forces one to be disciplined with the business of writing.  Taking the shotgun approach and waiting for inspiration will not achieve anything but frustration.  I would recommend this book to all writers, and I am confident that they will surprise themselves at the increase in the quality and quantity of their creative efforts.


Warren Thurston - Children's author and book reviewer


What If Time Management Hasn't
Worked For Me In The Past?


Itís time to forget the past and forge forward!  In this guide, Iím going to teach you how to be more organized, more prepared, and much more productive.

Even if you've tried other time management courses or books and have never obtained the promised results, this is exactly what you need.

Most courses on how to manage your time are written by people who are not living the writing life, so they're simply ideas on saving time that MIGHT work.

The reality is that most of them don't. The reason for this is those writing these sort of books are not doing what we're doing.  Writing is an industry of its own and has lots of idiosyncrasies not seen elsewhere.

The result is that very few writers are able to gain any benefit from a book or course like that, and this is why other time management tools haven't worked for you in the past.

What does work is having information written by a person who is actually USING it and in the same business you are: writing!

This will ensure that you get strategies that are working now from a person in the same business as you.

The good news is I'm going to show you...


How To Get More Done In The Same Time



In The Writer's Guide to Time Management, Cheryl Wright provides sound, logical advice in a simple to follow format. Her honest approach is both refreshing and inspiring. Along with the explanations, suggestions and examples, Cheryl offers us time sheets and to-do lists which can help any writer learn self-discipline when it comes to time management, and a simple flow chart can get you started.

The Writer's Guide to Time Management is a valuable resource for all writers. The principles are simple to grasp and you will learn skills that will last a lifetime. This is a must have book for people who need to learn to manage their time more efficiently.

Serena Tatti, Australia



Here's Just A Bit Of What's Contained Within...

  • How To Shave up to 2 Hours Off Your Work Day - Effortlessly!
  • The Easy Planning Method That Guarantees Time Management Success!
  • Cut Your Stress In Half While Doubling Your Production!
The result of these three things will be more income from your writing business. Right now it won't seem that way, but it's truly...

Easy To Convert Your Life And
Writing Business Into Super Productivity!


The Writer's Guide to Time Management How to Boost Your Productivity & Earn More! is a brand new manual that will show you the easy path to obtaining the results you've been dreaming of from your writing business.

It's fresh off the presses and contains never before seen information that will super charge your efforts.


But What's Inside?


Here is just a taste of what's included in this brand-new and super-focused book:


*You're going to learn to recognize time explosions, and how to deal with them effectively.

*We'll discuss tracking time, and what this will mean to your income - in real terms, not pie-in-the-sky theories.

*We'll look at the traps of working from home, and how these can eat into your working hours, and literally steal income out from under you. I've been there and done it all, and are therefore in a position to show you how I remedied this destructive and devastating syndrome.

*We'll go through - step-by-step - my most treasured tips for getting (and staying) organized.

*Did you know the more fit and healthy you are, the more productive you will be?  It's true! With this in mind, I'll point you in the right direction for some terrific programs you can use sitting right at your desk!

*We'll look at goals, and how these can make a huge difference to your writing income - as well as the way you look at your writing business.

*Find out my dirty little secret, the thing that has saved huge chunks of time and effort.


Cheryl Wrightís The Writerís Guide to Time Management is a clever program with lots of wonderful tips and ideas, which I see saving me valuable time for my writing. Working full-time, with three teenage kids at home means time is at a premium, and I can now see organizing myself using Cherylís method will free me up. I found the guide easy to follow and believe the initial time planning will inevitably allow me time to follow my dream.

Margaret Midwood, Melbourne, Australia


To ensure you are successful with your time management efforts, you will receive a copy of the companion workbook.  This workbook includes every form required to carry out each suggestion provided in the book, as well as goal sheets and more.

Each resource provided in the workbook is fully functional and designed to allow you to print the necessary forms and sheets as many times as you need. You'll find this to be an invaluable companion to the The Writer's Guide to Time Management: How to Boost Your Productivity and Earn More!

This professionally created workbook is valued at $15-97 and is not available elsewhere!


As well as the workbook, you will also receive a specially created flowchart.  This is will act as an additional resource and will assist you further with your time management  program.

This professionally created flowchart is valued at $9-97 and like the workbook, is not available elsewhere.


Are You Ready To Grab Loads Of Extra Time,
At The Same Time Increasing Your Income ?

With This Action Plan You'll Get The Following...

  1. A Much More Efficient and Successful Business

  2. A New Level Of Confidence In Yourself And Your Ability
  3. Much More Time To Spend With Your Friends & Family

  4. The Power To Choose Your Destiny And Make It A Reality
You May Think The Writer's Guide to Time Management: How to Boost Your Productivity and Earn More! Has To Be Extremely Expensive. But You're Wrong!

I want to put this book into the hands of as many writers as possible, because I want to see more writers succeeding.  Time management issues are holding back way too many talented writers, and it's time to put a stop to it!

If you're ready to succeed, if you believe you are ready to take the action and make the changes necessary, then I invite you to purchase this book today.

Not only do I believe this book can change your entire outlook on your writing business, but I'm willing to back up that confidence by offering a full 12 months guarantee!

Buy today, and if after 12 months you truly believe you've not received your money's worth, send me an email with details of your purchase, and I'll refund every cent you paid.

This means there is no risk whatsoever on your part - all the risk is on me!

For just $12-94 you will learn to how to become more productive, less stressed, and earn more!

If you've read this far, I know you're ready to transform your business, your life, and reduce your stress levels.  Click on the link below and begin your exciting new journey!



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