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Kids in the Christmas Kitchen
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Kids in the Christmas Kitchen
Kids in the Christmas Kitchen
Kids in the Christmas Kitchen by Cheryl Wright
Kids in the Christmas Kitchen


"I'm bored.  What can I do?"

"Can I make something now? I'm sick of the holidays..."

"Can you help me yet?  I'm reaaaaaally bored now..."

"What can I do..................?"

Sound familiar?  It sure does to me. 

With three grandchildren living with me (aged 6, 7, & 9), I have a constant barrage of "What can I do?" questions.  The biggest problem is there are so few recipes around that allow children to create their culinary masterpieces unaided.

That problem is now solved!

Kids in the Christmas Kitchen includes only recipes that your child can make with little or no supervision.  The majority require no cooking, and most are simply set in the fridge.  In other words, there is no cooking required.

Like me, you've probably been sucked into buying recipes books that were supposed to be for children.

You know the ones - the recipes look enticing, but there's no way in the world they could be made by children. Not without loads of help anyway.

This recipe book is different.  And to prove it, we've photographed the children actually making the goodies.

You'll find two sets of recipes - one with photographs, and another set that are printer friendly.

That's because we're sure you'll want to print out each recipe and let the children follow the instructions themselves.

Don't worry about the mess, don't worry about the dishes.  Just let the children have fun with cooking and creating, and make the most of the family-oriented holiday season.

The recipes included in this collection are:

  • Christmas Biscuits

  • Christmas Crackles

  • Easy Rum Balls (without the rum!)

  • Rice Bubble Slice - with a difference

  • Super Easy Shortbread

  • Cone Christmas Tree

  • Chocolate Christmas Tree

The book also includes the recipe for a Copha alternative, and links to some good measurement converters.

Made by real kids, in real kitchens, this is a unique book that you and your children will use for many years to come.


All the recipes are super easy, and designed to appeal to children. Most are well known, well-loved treats like decorated Christmas biscuits, crackles, rum balls, and shortbread. Others are simple but inventive, such as the Christmas tree ice cream cones and chocolate trees.

Magdalena Ball, The Compulsive Reader


When you order Kids in the Christmas Kitchen you get 34 pages of easy-to-use recipes for children, with good quality photographs and printer friendly versions are also included. (That is, the recipes are on a separate page with no photographs!)

Remember, for less than the cost of a large pizza, this book can be yours within seconds.



Kids in the Christmas Kitchen is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer.
All you need is Adobe Reader which is available free and already on most computers.

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